Trade and Wholesale

Royal and Awesome are proud to supply our Awesome golfing attire to a host of Awesome retailers. We currently have a presence in 17 countries and are always excited to hear from retailers interested in joining the Awesome revolution. .

Our sales in Australia are growing by over 70%, so we know there is significant consumer demand for Royal & Awesome. To take advantage of this demand, drive incremental sales and stock Royal & Awesome please contact our wholesale team on:

Why become an Awesome retailer?

Awesome growth = Awesome opportunity:

  • Sales through our own website are grwoing by more than 70%.
  • Conversion rates and sell through rates for our website and our wholesale partners are very high.
  • We know consumers love Royal & Awesome, so let’s partner to reach your customers and grow both our sales.

Awesomely different:

  • We are different to everything else you stock so we will drive incremental sales
  • We are a social media phenomena – we currently have a Facebook fan-base of over 150,000 which is constantly growing!
  • Awesomely flexible - No Minimum Quantity Orders and Awesomely quick delivery

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