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Men's Plus Two's

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Men's Golf Knickers, Plus Fours or Plus Twos...

Our plus two's are known by many different names, most common is 'plus fours' in the UK and 'Knickers' or 'Knicker pants' in the States. Whatever you call them, we think you'll look amazing on old style golf trousers that Old Tom Morris himself would be proud of. 

Our Tartan and Flag designs are some of most best sellers, but whatever you choose dont forget to match them with a pair of our long socks

Whats the Difference Between Plus Twos & Plus Fours? 

The naming is all about the length off the material below the knee 2 inches v 4 inches. Simple really!  


What Famous Golfers Wore Plus Fours? 

The late great Payne Stewart was proably the most famouse wearer in the moden age. More recently Bryson DeChambeau has rocked the look, as well as 'The Postman' Ian Poulter.  Other notable mentions are Fredrik Jacobsen and Rickie Fowler.   


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